Research Interests

Image by Barbara A Lane from Pixabay

Shapes & Patterns


Pattern analysis is an important part for image processing. Some of our works have focused on developping robust techniques (e.g. M-estimation, Hough Transform, L2) for pattern registration (e.g. ellipse fitting) and reconstruction (e.g. 3D reconstruction from multiple views using RGB and RGB-D cameras).

Publications: Pattern Recognition (PR) (2018), PR (2016), PRL (2014), DSP (2013), PR (2013), PAMI (2009),

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Colour Transfer


Colour transfer aims at changing the colour feel of an image (target image) using the colour palette of another image (palette image). Colour transfer can also be applied to videos, and for creating dynamic effects on static images. We have proposed several approaches to solve this problem based on Optimal Transport and information theory (L2 with GMM) as cost functions to minimize between colour distributions.

Publications: MMSP (2020), EUSIPCO (2019), IMVIP (2019), CVIU (2019), CVIU (2007), ICCV (2005)

Road Scene Analysis


Object detection in road scene sequential images has many applications from mapping to autonomous driving. My PhD thesis (2001) investigated linear machine learning techniques (PCA) and histogram backprojections for object detection and recognition. Our more recent approaches use Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).

Publications: IMVIP (2020), Remote Sensing (2018), ICIP 2018, CVPR 2000, ICIP 2001

Automatic Asset Mapping


Using computer vision and deep learning to automate registration of assets for telecoms operators, utility companies and civil infrastructure providers, AIMapIT replaces manual site surveys with fast, accurate detection and geotagging of assets from street level imagery with 2m accuracy.

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Climate change


Climate change is affecting people and their way of life including transportation of goods and people. Our work (2019) proposes to analyse satellite imagery in combination with street view imagery posted on social media during flooding events, for assessing the passability of roads. More recently (2020), we propose to infer 3d shape of roofs from aerial imagery (e.g. for measuring solar energy potentials).

Latest publications: Remote Sensing (2020)
Signal Processing: Image Communication (2019)

Avatar perception


Blendshape facial rigs are used extensively in the industry for facial animation of virtual humans. This research project explores the noticeability of blendshapes and presents new perceptually based models to predict perceptual importance of blendshapes (collaboration led by Rachel McDonnell).

Latest publications: CAG (2021), MIG (2020 Best short paper award)

Drone Images Trinity 2017


Capturing and inferring 3D maps have many applications for Augmented Reality, GIS, urban planning, etc. In collaboration with Intel Movidius, a drone survey of TCD campus was captured in the summer 2017 allowing images and 3D point cloud to be available as open dataset.

Dataset Publication: Tara (2017)


Computer Vision and Machine Learning


Information, references and some slides used for research and teaching computer vision and machine learning (e.g. MU module CS410) are shared online.

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Applied Forecasting


This github repo shares some of the material (i.e. code in R and Rmd + lecturenotes in pdf and tex) used for teaching Applied Forecasting (5 ECTS) in Trinity College Dublin (2008-2020) for Sophisters. Please give credits if you find these materials useful.

Links: Github and Lecturenotes.

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Generalized Linear Models


My lecturenotes are available online in html format. These were used for teaching a course (5 ECTS) in Trinity College Dublin (2008-2018) for Sophisters. Please give credits if you find these materials useful.

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Bootstrap, Jackknife and other resampling methods


This github repo contains some of the materials used for teaching Bootstrap, Jackknife and other resampling methods (6 contact hours as part of a 5 ECTS Sophister class in Trinity College Dublin, 2005 & 2007). Beamer slides are provided as tex files and the resulting PDF RzDBootstrap.pdf is also available.