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Applied Forecasting and Time Series with R

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This github repo shares some of the material used for teaching Applied Forecasting (5 ECTS) in Trinity College Dublin (2008-2020) for Sophisters. Please cite the following if you find any of these materials useful:

Applied Forecasting, 
Rozenn Dahyot, Lecturenotes, Trinity College Dublin Ireland 2020. 

Keywords: time series, time series visualisation, Holt-Winters algorithms, ARIMA models, forecasting, prediction intervals

Lecturenotes (*.tex and pdf)

LaTeX source *.tex and PDF files for the lecturenotes can be seen on Overleaf and are as well in the Folder LaTeX

R and Rmd Files

Rmd file for teaching forecasting

Other Rmd files (with their corresponding html file)

R file for teaching forecasting


  • Forecasting: principles and practice by R. Hyndman and G. Athanasopoulos (online book)
  • The Holt-Winters Approach to Exponential Smoothing: 50 Years Old and Going Strong, Paul Goodwin, Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting 2010


Rozenn Dahyot