MultiView Video Capture with Zoom

DIY Computer Vision at Home - multiple view video capture using Zoom

Using Zoom software for videotelephony, a meeting can be accessed with multiple devices and the session can be recorded by the host device (screen capture). When a single participant connect with multiple devices in the online zoom meeting, the recording of the meeting provides one video (mp4, 1280 x 720 at 25fps) with multiple view capture of the participant. A downsampled image is shown below: the recording was done using 4 devices attending the same zoom meeting:

The multiple views appearing in the Zoom video are all well synchronised overall.

multiple video video capture

Multiple view videos have historically many applications in computer video (e.g. for performance capture for 3D rendering, skill assessement etc.). Combined with sound, this also provides suitable recordings for other applications such as Audio Visual Speech Recognition research (single or multiple views / single or multiple participants), and this approach (using recording of meeting with Zoom) can provide easy access to such recordings that are also suitable for creating personal datasets suitable for training AI.

Please cite the following reference if you have found this approach useful in your work:

MultiView Video capture with Zoom, R. Dahyot, April 2020,

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